Version 4.4.0

Use this form to use TOMTOM to compare your DNA motif against a database of known motifs (e.g., JASPAR or Transfac).
TOMTOM will rank the motifs in the target database by the q-value of the similarity score. TOMTOM outputs the q-value of each match, and an alignment of LOGOs representing your query and the target motif it matches. You can click on the target motif ID in your results to get more information. (A Transfac license is required for viewing Transfac details.)

Data Submission Form
You can search a single DNA motif against a DNA motif database. The format for your motif should be as shown on the right, with each column showing the counts of bases A, C, G and T in that position of the motif.

Paste your DNA motif here:

Motif database to search--select one of the following:

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Select the Motif Column Comparison Function:

Significance threshold: q-value &le
Example Motif
 3  3 19  0  1  0  2 26  5
 8  0  0  1  0  1 23  1 15
14  0  9 27 26  4  3  0  4
 3 25  0  0  1 23  0  1  4

Example Alignment
Description of your motif: