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Project info
Binding sites
Gene symbol of the TF
List of gene symbols seperated by ';' OR Upload a text file
Expression Data
A matrix in this format or a text file with gene symbols Optional. CSV file with specific format
Fold change cutoff for gene expression results p.value cutoff for gene expression results
Please select a method for determining the fold change of gene with multiple probes
Network options
PDIs file is a windows comma separated value (csv) file. It is a from-to 2 column file. Click here to download the sample file.
OR upload a customized PDIs
Expand the gene list from the ChIP results with the selected PDIs Maximum number of nodes without expresion change detected in each path allowed
Do not keep miRNA if absent in the ChIP results or expression results All the leaf nodes should be verified by expression results
Only keep the best path if multiple paths exist for a node Include GO analysis